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Monday, March 20, 2006

Lowe’s Goes Bilingual

• Lowe’s requires that all vendors must include Spanish translations on their packaging, packaging inserts, and material safety
data sheets for all shipments as of 9/1/05. Failure to comply with this Bilingual Packaging requirement by the 9/1/05 deadline
may result in packaging being deemed defective and removal of that defective packaging from Lowe’s stores.
• Unlike the formal HANNA Signage Review Process, there is not a formal process at Lowe’s for bilingual packaging review
(outside of the normal packaging review that occurs as part of the Line Review Process).
• Merchandising Vendors are asked to make sure that they are completely aware of and in compliance with Lowe’s policy as
outlined on pages 122-134 in the “Visual Standards Guide: Signage and Packaging Guidelines” (VSG). In particular,
Merchandising Vendors should make sure that they provide Spanish translations for all product information as outlined on
page 126. The deadline for compliance is for all shipments as of 9/1/05 and the potential ramifications of non-compliance with
Lowe’s Bilingual Policy are outlined on page 3. If Merchandising Vendors or MVP’s, or MD’s have any concern with whether or
not they will be able to comply with this deadline, they should immediately raise these concerns to the attention of their
- The VSG can be secured as follows: at , click on Partner Information, Advertising and Marketing General
Partner Information, Visual Standards Guide: Signage and Packaging Guidelines.
- Emailing
- Calling 704-757-SIGN
• Merchandising Vendors should work with any of the Lowe’s Approved Translation Vendors to secure translations or proofs of
existing translations. These Translation Vendors will provide the Merchandising Vendors with a Translation and Proofing
- Lowe’s Approved Translation Vendors are listed on , Partner Information, Advertising and Marketing
General Partner Information, Lowe’s Approved Translation Vendors.
• Once Merchandising Vendors have the Translation and Proofing Code, they should then be certain to complete or update the
Online Vendor Survey called “Bilingual Packaging and MWBE” and to provide their Translation and Proofing Codes within this
survey where they are requested.
• The survey can be found at , click on ‘Partner Information’ in the top navigation bar of the home screen,
and the survey will be the next to last item in the drop down menu (‘Vendor MWBE/Bilingual Survey’).
• Finally, Merchandising Vendors should keep these Translation and Proofing Codes handy in case they are requested at any
other points during the Line Review Process and on any Vendor Information Sheets. Additionally, Merchandising Vendors
should be prepared to share their new bilingual packaging with their Merchandising Representatives at Lowe’s if requested
during the Line Review Process.


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